Hi there, how are you. Nice to see you here on my website. I’m andiyar, as you may have guessed, and have been known online as such for over a decade. andiyar.com, the website you are now on, has been my personal stomping ground for quite some time – firstly as an online fiction folio, then a combination blog and presentation site, a folio again, and finally just a pure online diary (with archives lifted from livejournal).

I, myself, am a junior doctor working in regional Australia. I have previous degrees in molecular biology and creative writing, and have a bit of an odd perspective on life, people, and the self.

Outside of medical stuff, I’m a writer, an occasional musician, a voracious reader and a fan of technology in all its forms. I’ve worked in retail & in IT/Education, and have a fairly cynical attitude at times – which is hard to square with a rather larger-than-necessary empathic attitude towards people in general, but hey, contradictions are fun.

Although this is an online stripsearch of my mind and heart, I’m actually fairly reserved in many ways in person, although I do love spending time with those close to me, and I’m always ready to listen to just about anyone talking about just about anything. Helping others is kind of what I do, whether it’s just providing support or acting in whatever way is necessary.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me – my email address is domain@domain.com, if you can figure out what to substitute there – and have a chat, otherwise, I hope you enjoy.



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